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Counselling, providing a supportive and non judgemental relationship. A space for you to talk, reflect and explore.

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The pandemic has taken a traumatic toll on many people's lives - those who've suffered with the illness as well as those suffering the heavy impact such as disrupted social lives, job loss, isolation, anxiety and frustration. 

Many people are struggling to deal with the way these circumstances

have affected their lives - but there is hope. Counselling can provide a safe space for you to address your thoughts and feelings. 

I am happy to be working back in person but I still offer counselling over the phone and online - making this as convenient for you as possible.

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Seeking counselling

People seek counselling for a whole range for reasons - some of which are commonly known such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem or relationship struggles. Others may be looking for help with difficulties relating to a specific event or occurrence, such as bereavement or miscarriage. It may even be something entirely unforeseen - such as dealing with the a global pandemic disrupting life as we know it. 


Such reasons or events can sometimes be the driving force behind someone entering into counselling.  Within a safe counselling relationship I believe that there is often great value in exploring your personal experience of such events.  The way we work together will vary depending on what is important, safe and appropriate for you.  It may be looking back at past experiences or staying more present with what is going on for you today and often a bit of both.  Having a space to speak out loud can often lead to an increased self awareness and understanding of our thoughts and feelings.  When we can understand why we are feeling a certain way then we often feel less anxious and more able to deal with what we are facing.  

Whatever you feel you'd like to discuss, there is no right or wrong topic, you are welcomed into a safe, confidential presence where counsellor and client can connect and build a supportive professional relationship that seeks to find hope and positive change.

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