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Here you can find the answer to some frequently asked questions about counselling, my services and a few other things.

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Frequently asked questions

What does 40% chance of rain really mean?

PREcip tells you when rain will actually start and stop, so you can better plan the day and tell you if plans need to be altered. The other guys have computers that spit out a forecast which shows every hour that could possibly have some rain.

When will the sun come out?

PREcip looks ahead as far as possible and tells you those details that matter, like when the sun will actually come out in your area.

Do I really need a jacket today?

PREcip doesn't just give you the forecast, it gives you a practical and action oriented forecast that helps with what to wear or when to plan activities outside.

Why is the weather so unpredictable?!

It's actually not, and in most places in the Midwest these swings are big but well-forecasted. You just don't have access to the right information. That's why PREcip advertises these big temp changes as much in advance as possible to prepare you.

Will it be a white Christmas?

PREcip users get the heads up on this in early December!