Looking for a Safe & Confidential space

to talk to someone you can trust?

At some point in our lives, we may recognise the need to address the issues we are facing with the help of another person. 

Counselling is an opportunity to talk to a trained professional who can offer the time and space needed to find hope for a solution.

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What can counselling do for me?

Its amazing how much sharing our feelings and thoughts within a unique therapeutic relationship can change the way we experience life.  

Most people experience stressful life events at some point.  Counselling is a space where you will be heard and understood at a difficult time.  Within this space there is opportunity for personal development,  finding new ways of coping, and to discover new hope.   

You may feel anxious, confused or depressed.  Feeling lost and overwhelmed is a common reason to seek the help of a professionally trained counsellor. Facilitated self reflection can lead to redirection and an increase in self esteem and purpose.

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Hello. I'm Rachel,

a MNCS Accredited Private Counsellor and I currently provide counselling to adults on an individual basis.  Some of the issues I have experienced working with include low self esteem, depression, stress, bereavement and loss, miscarriage, relationship issues, bullying, abuse, anxiety and spirituality.   

I am a Person Centred Counsellor, offering a calm, confidential, non-judgmental and supportive relationship where you can talk about what feels important for you.  Maybe you have a specific issue or maybe you don't feel happy in some way.  Within this therapeutic relationship you will be valued, accepted and heard whatever your experience.   I believe there is always the potential for change and personal development if so desired.

I can provide sessions

In Person

I am able to meet clients in person at my home, where I have a designated counselling room for meeting clients. It offers a peaceful, private space to talk through whatever you bring with you to discuss.

Over the Phone & Online

My experience in offering online and phone call appointments allows greater flexibility for clients who may not be able to meet me face to face. Please feel free to discuss this option with me if you feel it would work well for you. 

Would you like to discuss the best option for you?

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"Rachel listened patiently and never judged. She helped me to see that my feelings are valid and can be trusted.  Through talking to Rachel I became aware of why I was so unhappy.  In a short time I feel like a different person.”

Client Testimonies

I appreciate when my clients are happy for me to share their testimonies about how counselling has helped them. I keep them all anonymous to protect their privacy as part of our confidentiality agreement.

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